• Moulding


    At SJR Patterns we have various injection moulding machines capable of different injection sizes ranging from 65 tonne to 320 tonne.

    Materials used include polypropylene, polyethylene, PBT, ABS, Nylon and Polycarbonate.

    Small and large production runs are available.

  • Thermoforming


    Thermoforming is a cost effective manufacturing process that uses heat to make plastic soft and supple before forming it into a desired shape.

    At SJR Patterns we have various machine sizes, the largest being 1.2 metres x 0.6 metres and are able to manufacture from material thicknesses of 0.175mm to 6mm.

    The different materials used include PVC, APET, ABS and HIPS.


  • Tooling


    With the capacity to workshop your design and using 3D programming, at SJR Patterns you can see your idea come to life before it’s produced.

    Prototyping is an option before production tooling commences.

    We offer engineering drawings and specifications of your job using Solidworks Cad Program.

    Before we go into final production we provide off tool sample(s) for approval before commencement.



To offer a 'one stop shop' giving customers the opportunity to walk in with a concept and walk out with a high quality, cost effective product.